Funeral Options

Flowers to the Service

Flowers sent to express your condolences to a friend or loved one are always a welcome gesture. The beauty of the flowers provides comfort to those who are grieving as well as expresses your thoughts of remembrance. As you consider what to send it is good to reflect on what the deceased or their family has meant to you or your family. Sympathy flowers provide a living memorial of the departed and reminds the family and friends that there is life and hope, giving them a feeling of comfort. It is important to express that you are honoring the memory of their loved one’s death, but at the same time, letting the family know that you are with them and there is still something to look forward to. Flowers sent to the family must be arranged with sensitivity to the conditions and should be appropriate to the service and any local traditions. Blossoms & Baskets Gourmet in Springfield, MO with an experienced staff can help you in choosing the right flowers.

Flowers to the Home

It is never inappropriate to send flowers or plants to the home of grieving friends or loved ones. A fruit or gourmet basket would also be a welcome gift. Even if you send your tribute several days after the funeral service, it will help the bereaved to know that someone is still thinking of them and sharing their sorrow. Sending gifts of sympathy reminds the family that you are with them as they mourn. Flowers convey lasting comfort and support to those who are bereaved and carriers of hope at times of deep sorrow. We understand that it is not easy to choose the appropriate flowers at this difficult time, so we are here to help you let them know that you care. To send your warmest tribute, choose Blossoms & Baskets Gourmet to deliver your gifts anywhere in the Springfield, MO area. Words fall short, but flowers can express your genuine sympathy.

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A beautiful plant sent to a grieving family to memorialize the life of a friend or loved one will be a much appreciated gift. A green house plant will be something the bereaved family members will be able to keep for many years and will always be a gentle reminder of your thoughtfulness. A Peace Lily is among one of the most popular plants sent to the funeral service or the home. They have beautiful dark green foliage and are easy to care for. If the deceased loved the outdoors and enjoyed gardening, a blooming plant may be in order. The family can plant it outdoors as a lasting tribute to the deceased. It is never too late to remember the bereaved family with a tribute of a beautiful green or blooming plant. Baskets Gourmet in Springfield, MO will help you choose the perfect one.

Family Ensembles

A family ensemble is the perfect choice when there are several members of the family such as children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews or very close family friends. Your local florist can help the immediate family decide on the perfect casket piece to honor the deceased but will also be able to help all the grieving loved ones be part of the tribute. They can choose a piece from the family ensemble, such as a standing spray, a beautiful basket arrangement or a lid piece to perfectly coordinate with the casket spray. Baskets Gourmet in Springfield, MO can help with this thoughtful tribute that will not only represent all the loved ones, but will make a beautiful display for the service.